A bit about me…

Growing up in Michigan and spending my summers on the rocky shores of Lake Superior had a lasting effect on my creative process. Each year I would weigh my pockets down with interesting rocks from the lake and enjoy the sense of community that the local artists cultivated inland. The year I met a local potter at the potluck he hosted at his cabin, I knew I had found something that would peak my interest for the rest of my life. I was taken by the self-sufficiency of the potter’s lifestyle, using the earth to create items used every day. Each plate we used, each mug and cup was handmade, it’s own quiet work of art. When I stepped into my first ceramics class in college I knew it was the right choice. Since then I have been experimenting with my own functional pottery.

I strive to combine my love for simplicity with my love of nature. I begin most every piece of work by pinching a shape from a single ball of clay and embrace the natural, imperfect shapes that come from that process.Then I add simple lines, dashes, and circles that reveal the clay through the glaze. I enjoy earthy glazes, off-white, rusty-black, green-gray, nothing too shiny or bright, just remnants of nature like all those rocks that filled my pockets.